Safe Abortion Pills to Abort Unwanted Pregnancy

Abortion is the worst stage and condition for women in her life. But sometimes the circumstances are not in favor and the decision must have to make, and abortion is one of them. There are many reasons that can be a reason for women which led her to do this tough decision like:

  • Financially poor condition
  • Failure of contraception
  • Disease like HIV
  • Another health related issues
  • Case of rape or unwanted sex
  • Mentally or physically not ready for child

There are numbers of medicines and kits are available in the market which is helpful for abortion at home. If you are also facing problems then make sure that you should aware for you gestation period first because of abortion pills only effective in pregnancy less than 7 weeks or maximum 12 weeks.

  • Mifepristone

Mifepristone is one of the popular medicines for abortion. But the quantity is important it is an oral medicine, and 200mg of Mifepristone is enough for termination of pregnancy.

  • Misoprostol

Misoprostol is very effective for abortion; 800mg of Misoprostol can terminate a pregnancy within 6 to 72 hours. Misoprostol creates contractions in the womb so women can feel pain, vaginal blood loss and sometimes vomiting and can feel nausea but this medicine is very effective for abortion.

  • Carboprost

This medicine is also helpful for you; you can have this in your second trimester also. It is an intramuscular injection and in one time you can take the only 1.5mg of the dose of this and maximum dose is 12mg but mainly the dose depends upon the uterine response which is according to every women different physic. But one thing must follow that if you are suffering from any respiratory disease or any danger illness then consult your doctor first before taking Carboprost.

  • Dinoprostone

Dinoprostone is a gel base formula which inserted into the vagina, 100mcg/ml solution is enough for inserting in the vagina, after the process the patient should lie down, and take rest, it can terminate the pregnancy within 2 hours. It increases uterine contractions but if you having any sickness then avoid taking that. It is also effective like Mifepristone and others.

  • Oxytocin

Oxytocin is helpful and effective for abort the fetus in case of incomplete abortion. But the drug should be taken in any expert supervision, because sometimes it can raise side effects like a headache, vomiting, or breathing difficulty, low blood pressure, and fever. And also never change your dose quantity according to you, it can be dangers. It is also an injection which is used for contraction of the uterus.

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All the drugs which used for abortion are quite effective if you follow such instructions. But make sure that your pregnancy should not be more than 12 weeks it can be dangerous for your health. And still you feel any kind of problems like heavy pain and access bleeding or like fainting then please consult your doctor, sometimes medicine can have adverse effects or your body does not accept the dose of abortion pills so caution is better.